Quilted Chronicles

Digital branding concept by me.

I created the Quilted Chronicles concept as part of my graduation for Fashion & Branding at AMFI. The concept is based on the New York-based menswear brand Bode. It was developed during the first lockdown and especially relevant during this global pandemic. How to tell the brand story and reach your target group online?

As part of the concept I created a website mock-up and the Bode Card, which is a collectible card that comes with Bode’s clothes. On the card you can find an illustration of the particular garment you bought, as well as some of the details about the garment, and it refers to the online platform Quilted Chronicles for more information, context, history or stories about the collections or specific piece of clothing. 

Quilted Chronicles connects stories through the patches and layers of Bode.

Personal stories make you understand your clothing so you can cherish it like a memory.

Quilted Chronicles explores the inspiration and origins of Bode through personal stories and striking imagery.

To provide Bode’s heirloom approach to a broader audience.

Communication Objective:
Quilted Chronicles will give insight into origins of materials, inspiration behind collections and other interests of the brand. The goal is to reach the current target group who is not able to visit Bode’s New York store to get the complete experience of Bode. Creating a bridge between the offline and online experience of Bode.

Underneath a visual impression of the website mock-up.